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Overview and My Background:

I offer personalized individual instruction on the state
bar exams of Arizona, Colorado, the District of
Columbia/, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Maryland,
Missouri, New York, New Jersey and North Dakota.
I have reviewed all of the bar exam questions for
these jurisdictions for at least the past 15 years and/or
the most recent format adopted by each state.

Based upon this analysis, I have created a system
with state-specific bar review materials, which
provides the instruction and materials needed to pass
the bar, consisting of state-specific materials and
intensive training and feedback on the past bar exam
questions. This approach saves time and ensures that
a student practices exactly what is needed to pass the

I am an attorney, who has practiced law in Maryland,
the District of Columbia, Georgia and Florida and
several other jurisdictions, having used my system to
pass the bar in these four jurisdictions. I am also tutor
who is admitted in most of the jurisdictions that I
teach and who has actual experience in most bar
exam subjects.

I have successfully tutored many students on the
above exams and I teach anyone, regardless of their
background, including recent graduates, repeaters and
attorneys, located both in and outside the United
States, of a variety of backgrounds.  

I take very few students at once and work hard with
each student individually. I am more demanding that
the bar examiners to ensure that you are
well-prepared for the bar exam.

I look forward to working with you.



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Bar Exam Tutor: Arizona, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York,
North Dakota