Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Your site mentions that you tutor for the
bar exam essays.  Do you tutor for the MBE?

Answer: I cover all MBE subjects as part of
this class, since these subjects are typically tested
on the essays as well.  By writing out actual bar
exam essay questions for the MBE subjects, a
student will definitely learn and retain what they
need to do well on the MBE.  At the end of the
class, I offer an actual, simulated bar exam, under
exam conditions, including the MBE.

I do not provide practice MBE questions because I
only use actual bar exam questions in this class.
MBE questions are copyrighted and available only
through NCBEX, at Therefore, I
typically suggest that students purchase used PMBR
materials online and just practice the questions.

More importantly, in most states, the essays are
worth more that the MBE. For example, in
California the essays are worth 65% of the overall
score. In Maryland the essays are worth 2/3 of the
overall score (400 out of 600 points).  In New
York, the essays and NY multiple choice are worth
60% of the exam.  

In DC, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey, the essays
are worth at least as much as the MBE, which means
doing well on one section will compensate for poor
performance on the other - to an extent.
Nearly any graduate of an ABA accredited law
school can guess their way to at least a 100 +
scaled score on the MBE.  Most people fail the bar
because of poor performance on essays and
performance tests, not the MBE, which is the focus
of this class.

2. How much is your class and how do you
accept payment?  

Answer: Please contact me (see "Services" and
"Contact") for the price of your particular state
class. Unlike most other private tutors, I charge a
reasonable flat fee for nearly three months of
personalized tutoring, rather than a high hourly rate
for a few hours of tutoring.

I accept payment by money order or PayPal
(see "Contacts" Page)

3. Do you provide tutoring for performance
tests/ the Multistate Performance Test (MPT)?

Answer: Yes, the performance test is covered as a
separate subject which, depending upon the time
remaining, may be taught concurrently with the
other essays subjects.

4. What is the difference between your class and
other bar review classes?


First: Unlike many other tutors, I actually took and
passed the bar exam in several of the states
that I teach - four bar exams within the past seven
years: Maryland, DC, Georgia and Florida.  I have
also practiced in all of these jurisdictions. Using this
experience and skills, I have also successfully tutored
students for California, New Jersey and New York
using the same principles. Everything that I teach is
based upon real, proven techniques and experience.

Second: I have practical experience as an attorney,
not an academic, in these jurisdictions and on many
of bar exam subjects.  I teach from the standpoint
of an attorney, because the bar exam is written and
graded by attorneys, who expect concise, accurate
answers to real-life scenarios tested on the bar

Third: Typically, my class lasts for nearly three (3)
months, which is much longer than the typical seven
week cram class, allowing for a careful review of all
subjects, in the privacy of your home, based upon
your personal schedule. The winter bar exam class
starts in mid-late November while the summer class
starts in mid-late May and each class lasts until at
least a week before the bar exam.

Note: I can start the summer and winter classes
later than May/November later than those
months, as some states,  release their results later
than these months [ex: NY and GA]

Additionally, I personally research and
write all of my own study materials, which are
specifically tailored for each state.  

Fifth: My prices are unmatched by any comparable
bar exam prep class in the bar exam market.
Nobody offers the quality instruction, materials,
length of class, expertise and background at my rate.

Guarantee: I will match and beat the price of
any comparable class.  

5. Do you offer a class for the Attorney's Exam
(usually asked regarding the Maryland
Attorney's Exam)

Yes: See "Services Offered" I tutor for the general
and attorney's bar exams for all jurisdictions that
offer both.

6.  How do I sign up for your class?

Answer: Please contact me through the "Contacts"
Page for enrollment information.