Dear Bar Candidates:

I offer a personalized bar exam tutorial for the bar exams of the
following jurisdictions
, having conducted this course to many
students for a decade

Arizona Bar Exam (AZ)
California Bar Exam (CA) (General & Attorney's Exam)
Colorado Bar Exam (CO)
District of Columbia Bar Exam (DC)
Florida Bar Exam (FL)

Georgia Bar Exam (GA) (General & Attorney's Exam)
Idaho Bar Exam (ID)
aryland Bar Exam (MD)(General & Attorney's Exam)
Missouri Bar Exam (MO)
New Jersey Bar Exam (NJ)
New York Bar Exam (NY)

North Dakota Bar Exam (ND)

Students from other jurisdictions are welcome to contact me
regarding their needs as well.

The course consists of nearly three (3) months of instruction,
including study outlines, actual bar exam questions and
feedback and critique of student answers, as well as tips for
maximizing your exam performance.

Format: The class is online, maximizing your study time,
eliminating wasted travel time and creating a flexible class
format that allows one to work, see their family and have a
life. This format also provides highly personalized interaction
between the student and me.

Summary: I conduct the following program for nearly three

Comprehensive Study Materials:  I provide black-letter law
study lessons and outlines for each subject tested on each
particular bar exam, which are both concise and through.
Typically, at least one subject per week is covered.

The outlines are personally researched, written and updated
by me for each bar exam. They are based upon my intensive
analysis of bar exam questions from at least 1990 to present
the respective bar exam as to all bar exam subjects.
Consequently, the outlines contain all of the law that you
need to know for your respective bar exam. The outlines are
color-coded and emailed in M/S Word format to the student's
designated email account.

Practice Bar Exam Questions: After the student reviews the
lesson and outline for a particular subject, I then email  at
least 3-4 actual old bar exam questions for that particular
subject and jurisdiction, to which the student then writes
answers and returns to me via email. I teach an efficient and
effective method of answering exam questions, which is
applicable in practice as well.

By the end of the class, you will have written at least 33-44
practice essays before the exam. Practice question are
carefully selected to reflect the most tested areas and sub-
topics on the bar exam.

Rapid Feedback on Student Answers: Typically, within 24-
hours of receiving a student's practice answers,  I provide
detailed feedback and critiques via email regarding the
quality of the practice answer, including factors such as:  
a.) issue identification;
b.) accuracy of the statements of law;
c.) complete legal analysis;
d.) definite conclusion;
e.) overall responsiveness to the question;
f.) organizational issues, format and even grammar and
g.) recommendations for improvement; and
h.) Plus, as needed, I assign additional essays for 'problem'

In this way, we diagnose and eliminate any problem areas on
bar exam knowledge and skills throughout the class.

Active Learning:
The emphasis in this class is constant perfect practice. You
will learn the law and how to apply it to the facts. You will
learn from your mistakes and eliminate them.  You will also
learn to focus upon the most important areas tested on the
bar, instead of trying to memorize the entire legal code.

After over 3 years of law school, worth thousands of dollars
and considering a legal career worth thousands more, the bar
exam is too important a goal to fulfill just by buying second-
hand, dated materials online. Used books cannot provide
feedback on the mistakes that one may be making in their
legal writing. I can and will help students to maximize
performance and pass the bar.

This active learning approach is more effective than mere
memorization because you are always practicing bar exam
skills, which you will rely upon on exam day.  

Maryland Attorney's Exam:

Unlike other states, Maryland offers a unique three-hour
open book examination for attorneys alone. The class for this
exam runs during the same time as the regular class. The
attorney's exams for California and Georgia use the same
written portion of the general bar exam for those states, only
omitting the MBE.

For the Maryland Attorneys' Class, I supply a detailed
frequency chart, showing the most tested topics and sub-
topics on the Maryland attorney's exam from at least 1998
until 2006.  When I send the frequency chart, you can use it
to tabulate your books regarding the most tested areas
(example: summary judgment in a circuit court matter,
transfer of a case from district court on a jury demand, etc)  
This tabulation will make it faster and easier for you to
reference the book during the practices and during the actual
bar exam.

The materials do not include the three volumes of the
Maryland Annotated Code/Maryland Rules/Courts and
Judicial Proceedings Article and Criminal Law article, which
you must use during this open-book exam.  Those books may
be obtained through Mitchie/Lexis or West Publishing.  I
prefer the Mitchie version since it is better annotated, but
that is your choice. Aside from the Mitchie/West books, you
will not need any materials for the attorney's class.  

b.) Instruction
Like the regular class, I supply practice bar exam questions
for the attorney's class on a weekly basis, in the form of
entire past exams, typically one per week. The attorney
candidate then answers the questions and submits the
practice answers to me for detailed diagnostic feedback on a
weekly basis, as well as a final practice exam, which is done
under timed conditions. In this manner, an attorney
candidate will gain actual experience using the books on real
exam questions, which will condition you for the actual exam.

c.) Specific Objectives of Attorney's Class
For tutoring attorneys, this is mainly a matter of refreshing
bar exam taking skills that they probably have not used for
years and getting them accustomed to the shorter, open book
and more detail-oriented format of the Maryland Attorney's

Enrollment Information

For the February bar exam, this class starts the Sunday after
Thanksgiving, although students are welcome to enroll in
December/January. For the July exam, the class starts the
first Sunday in April, although students are welcome to enroll
in May/June. This schedule allow nearly three months for
instruction and review for the either bar exam. The class then
concludes at least a week before the exam. Students getting
their results from their respective jurisdictions after these
times are still welcome to contact me, although the class will
proceed at a faster pace.

You need a reliable email account and computer access,
capable of sending and receiving email attachments, as well
as a strong commitment to learning and passing the bar exam.

Price: Please contact me for prices for the bar exam that you
are taking. Currently, I accept payment by money order and
PayPal (See "Contacts" Page).

My aim is to provide instruction, with a quality and price
unmatched by any other class. Unlike other private tutors, I
charge a reasonable flat fee for nearly three months of
tutoring, rather than a high hourly rate.  In this way, you
always know how much you are paying and exactly what you
are getting.

I will meet and beat the price of any other bar exam class of
similar duration, content and quality.

I am a serious teacher who teaches serious students. If you
are serious about enrolling for this intensive and challenging
class to pass the bar exam, please email me through this site.

Serious inquiries only. References available upon request.
Services Provided